Reduce Stress and 5 Other Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

In the right hands, nothing soothes stressed muscles like a massage. But stress is only one reason your muscles ache. Many people work jobs or lead lifestyles that require them to sit for hours at a time. All that sitting can wreak havoc on your muscles, causing you to stiffen and feel sore.

Massage therapy can alleviate the effects of stress on your body and loosen knots in your muscles. The result is you feel more relaxed and energized. 

The professionals at Revive Day Spas in Omaha, Papillion, Bellevue, LaVista, Ralston, and Gretna, Nebraska, focus on helping you live a healthy life. This includes using massage therapy to reduce stress and tackle specific issues with your body's musculature system. 

How massage therapy helps your body and mind

You know that stress and anxiety affect your mental health. But did you know that stress and anxiety can have a physical effect too? Stress tightens your muscles and causes you to carry yourself in strained or uncomfortable ways. 

Massage therapy helps you to loosen up and take a mental break. Muscle manipulation during massage gently stretches and works out knots in your muscles. This physical and mental relaxation lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves your sleep. 

5 more benefits of massage therapy 

In addition to stress and anxiety relief, massage therapy can have these positive effects on your body and mind.

Improves immunity

Some studies show that massage encourages T-cell production, which fights off viruses and improves your immunity system. 

Prevents injuries

Athletes often engage in sports massage to improve muscle tension and lower the chances of injuries, like tearing and stretching out muscles. 

Reduces headaches

Headaches often follow tense necks and shoulders. Massage can focus on these problem areas, work out kinks, and alleviate pain.

Boost healing

Massage can stimulate your muscles and deep tissue, which encourages blood flow and healing. Many of our clients who’ve been injured in accidents benefit from the healing effects of massage. 

Relieves pain

No one wants to live with chronic pain. And when medicine or surgery doesn’t offer any relief, massage can be an alternative treatment. The sensation of personal touch can give you relief from persistent low-level pain. 

We offer several different types of massage, including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, pregnancy, and cupping massage. Different types of massages affect your body differently. So when you arrive at our spas, discuss which areas of your body hurt and what level of pressure you prefer. 

If you're interested in improving your health through massage, call one of our six spa locations or book an appointment online today.

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